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[sticky post] Moving

My new blog is at

(My new website is http://www.kaijumama.com)

I hope you'll watch me there for lots of updates in 2014 and on ^_^


Ffffffat rolls. Orion is 3 months 25 days. Able to hold head up, turn over from back to crawl position, laughing, smiling, lots of trying to talk. We’re up to about 70 books read together now! Yay!


Out with papa & baby today. Harvested buckets & buckets of strawberries out of the garden. Canning jams today ^.^ Strawberry shortcakes later!

Baby Peter Rabbit has found my garden... him and a cute little orange bunny have been visiting every few days.

May 16

Working on commercial projects, two to be complete by next week. Kind of worried, maybe I should have taken a maternity leave.

I still dream of sewing mini creatures in my free time. I've dyed some fabric in advance & ordered some fabric from Germany. Excited I can't wait for that little taste of freedom.

Orion is 2 months 10 days old, he's now learning to smile & laugh ^.^ so far we've finished 45 books together, yay!




Audio: Orion is 62 days now! He’s been the best little boy. Super snuggle monster, such a sweet little... http://tmblr.co/ZSNbUxkZaAoj

Planning & Working


Space inspired lately! I've been planning out a little constellation series. I can't decide between chibi soft body style or old fashion jointed style though...

I'm opening an etsy store just for random nonsense (fanart & originals) that I can make to clear my head from regular work. Also everything done for company is caught up in contract and can't be shown until next year. I really miss being able to show my art.

I don't know if I'll even be able to actually sell anything out of there or just be drowned in all the other shops ? so I think I will still use the ebay option at times. 

25 weeks along now and my little monster is kicking nonstop :)



Happy Halloween & Sewing

There was literally hundreds of trick-or-treaters last night. I never would have expected that in a tiny town! Everyone drove out and parked it was like a carnival event, so many people and little kids. Went through 8 gigantic bags of candy and a full case of cute boxed gashapon toys. 

I'm dying from work. Taking one second of freedom to rest and recoup. Going to make a poseable Sherlock & a Doctor Who (11th), a mini elephant with tusks. They'll be done next week & offered for sale.

Saw these amazing cute planet plushes on Mininise28's blog http://www.celestialbuddies.com/shop/ need to get omg the moon is so cute!



I'm going to be a mama! It's a boy ^^ ♥ 

 19 weeks 

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Sick :P


My cold is so bad, can't stop sneezing sneezing sneezing, can't breathe. Just need to sleep but I can't. Deadline for a project is Monday. Dying.